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The meowbox Ultimate Top Ten Cat Shaming List

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We all love our cat’s dearly, but sometimes those little devils deserve good old fashioned cat shaming. The only problem is they feel no shame.

10. “I watched a raccoon eat my food & I DID NOTHING”

Cat Shaming
Source: pupdrea, Instagram

9. “I chew on wires to punish the humans for lack of attention (10 hours minimum!). I’ve costed them at least 5 cellphone chargers, 2 MacBook chargers, and 3 headphone/earbuds. Oh, and an x-ray/vet visit bill… mission accomplished!”

This is why we can't have nice things. Shame, Harvey, shame... And he looks so concerned, right?
Source: beccaloo, Instagram

8. “I haven’t allowed my mom to use the bathroom alone in over THREE YEARS!”

Source: skylerandsabrina, Instagram

7. “I like to catch lizards on the porch then put them under my mom’s bed. I love her so much.”

She comes forward.
Source: jenpeugh, Instagram

6. “Mommy’s been growing her bamboo for 2 years now, so I thought it would make her happy if I chewed off ALL its leaves! I’m the best!”

but I like it this way, mom
Source: soba_cat, Instagram

5. “When I accidentally shut myself in a room, I rip up the carpet under the door trying to dig an escape tunnel.”

Silly Snod.
Source: emilynhr, Instagram

4. “When my owners go to sleep I go to the living room and sink my claws into those big scratch posts called speakers.”

Source: meowing_mickey, Instagram

3. “I eat too fast, then I throw up.”
“I eat his puke.”

Nicolau: "I eat too fast, then I throw up." Marieta: "I eat his puke."
Source: nicolaucat, Instagram

2. “I go into the garage at night. Bunnies go in there. I kill them. I drag their bodies away. Mommy doesn’t know. Sshh…

I go into the Garage at night. Bunnies go in there. I kill them. Then I drag their bodies away, mommy doesn't know... Sshh
Source: mrshadowofficial, Instagram

1. “When a bug lands on the window I get so excited, I forget there’s a window separating us and I ram my head into it. I did it so hard I cracked the glass and daddy has to pay to get it fixed. Mommy says I don’t have many brain cells left. Whatever that means…“

Good thing I'm so cute
Source: valentino_the_mischievous, Instagram

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