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Cat Chic Week 13: Jamie and Greg, Maccha's Parents

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Iiiiiiitttttt’s CATURDAY! Which means the time has finally come to dress your whole family in matching Christmas onesies, snap some timeless photos and share them with loved ones (or the whole internet). Cats love Christmas onesies, it’s a fact. Please note we’re not liable for any scratch marks you may acquire in the process. We do, however, want to see the finished result.

Today’s also the day we get to introduce you to Greg and Jamie, Maccha’s parents. If you’re unfamiliar with Maccha, you’re clearly out of the Instagram loop because that girl’s one popular kitty. With over 234k Instagram followers, 3 year old Maccha rules the internet with her adorable round eyes, flat ears and short tail. She lounges with the swagger of someone who knows she’s got you wrapped around her little finger – er, paw. Oh Maccha, what have you done to us?

Greg and Jamie

So yes, back to Maccha’s gifted photographers and humans, Jamie and Greg. These two were extremely friendly and down to earth, which explains why Maccha seems so chill all the time. They also appeared to effortlessly embody the cat chic vibe. We picked up “cool” and “fun” but couldn’t pinpoint any stereotypical “cat people” characteristics. And so we asked: A lot of people think that cat people are crazy, introverted and antisocial – how are you different?

Jamie: “For me, I think that there’s a movement out there to be the modern cat lady. You’re not crazy, you just know what you like – cats! And you can still be cool – and obviously Greg’s a DJ so that helps”

Greg: “Yeah, I think there are a lot of things that people think about cat people. But for me, I’m a cat guy - I’ve always been a cat guy - and I’m proud of that. But I’m also just a normal guy.”

The modern cat couple: cool, attractive and totally unapologetic about loving cats. Throw in “normal” and “social media savvy” and you’ve got yourselves a totally new category of cat lovers. Oh wait, we’re doing away with categories, right? This is getting confusing.

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