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Show Your Love of Cats on October 29th

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This article is by guest contributor Valerie Jocums.

October 29 is National Cat Day. Founded in 2005, its purpose is to educate the public about the number of cats that need rescuing and to give cat lovers an excuse to celebrate the cats in their lives. There is a lot to celebrate, too. Pets provide unconditional love to their caretakers, something that cannot be overrated. However, they also provide health benefits, including stress relief. With almost half of all Americans experiencing negative side effects from chronic stress, it is no wonder there are so many cat people.

I hope all cat lovers will take the excuse of National Cat Day to spoil, pamper and celebrate cats. If you need ideas on great ways to do this, I have a few.

New Perch

If your cat does not have a convenient place to watch the outside world, this is the day to get them one. There are many ways to provide a viewing spot. There are shelves you can attach to a windowsill, ones that attach directly to the window, or you get a cat tree and position it in front of the window. When you are not able to be home, this gives your cat additional stimulation.

New Toys

Who doesn’t love new toys? This is true for humans and cats. Toys provide intellectual stimulation and exercise for your cat. Most cats have a favorite type of plaything, but this is a perfect opportunity to expand their horizons. Use this day to bring your cat a selection of different types of trinkets, maybe a food toy or maybe just a big box you found at work. Whatever it is, they will be excited to have something new to investigate.

Spa Day

This will look a little different for every cat, because not all cats love to be groomed. If you cat does love grooming, go all out. Give them a bath, brush them until they shine, and complete it with a new, glam collar. If grooming is not their preference, go for the special food and treats. I suggest a homemade, seasonal treat like these pumpkin spice cat treats. Top it off with a taste of catnip or a patch of fresh grass. Either way, this is a perfect opportunity for you to take as many pictures as you can. Then, in the future, you could use the best picture for Christmas cards or just a beautiful framed print.


This option, while not about your baby specifically, gives you the opportunity to help other cats find forever homes that will celebrate them. Shelters always need help or donations. If you have extra funds and can supply food, toys or blankets, that is a great way to help. Even those of us who don’t have extra money can spare our time. You could take the route of helping care for the cats, or you could help on the business end. Shelters often need help getting the word out about their many services and needs. If you have the time, help your shelter take advantage of the most cost effective form of advertising: email marketing. With the many tools and services available online, you could easily create an email marketing campaign. Your shelter would benefit year-round from your efforts.

Cat Cookies

Let everyone know how you feel about cats. Get the word out by baking and decorating cat shaped cookies. You can gain goodwill by giving them to everyone in your neighborhood or office. Fly the cat lover flag high. Since it is so close to Halloween, you could even make scary cat cookies and still get out your message of cat love.

How you decide to celebrate National Cat Day is up to you. Whether it is a special day just between you and your cat, or whether you shout your love to the world, the important part is that you celebrate. Cats give us so much love, making them the center of attention for a day is the least we can do.

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Valerie is a cat lover who has published articles on numerous pet blogs. The one constant in Valerie’s life has been animals. Currently she is sharing her life with an Australian Shepherd, a tortoiseshell cat and her husband George.

When she isn’t mountain biking, practicing her public speaking skills, or reading, she is writing about everything she has learned.

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