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5 Things I Was Taught by 700 Cats

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Most, if not all, animal lovers will tell you that coming home after a long day’s work to their furry family member is the best way to end the day. Seriously, what could be better than opening the door and receiving love each and every time as if it were love at first sight again and again? Not much is the answer, but we sure came close last week when we were greeted by hundreds of cats amongst the beautiful sanctuary that is the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) Cat Sanctuary.

Last week, several of us here from meowbox and a small group of wonderful (and lucky) volunteers met up, got our volunteer caps on (not actual caps, sadly) and headed to the RAPS Cat Sanctuary. For those who don’t yet know – RAPS operates one of North America’s largest cat sanctuaries in order to rescue and protect homeless and abandoned cats. Located in Richmond, British Columbia, RAPS has many volunteers who generously give their time to find, and shelter, animals who are starving, injured, diseased, and face a shortened life-span due to the many hazards of being abandoned and living on the street.

At meowbox, we believe that if we are able to give to the community and the many animals that are in need, than we will! With that motto in mind and plenty of toys and treats in hand, we set off to give a bunch of cats a day to remember! Here are the top 5 discoveries (Read: rediscoveries) we made that day:

1. Everybody’s favourite breed is rescue: With a variety of Cat-sonalities, from the quirky, playful kitties through to the soft-spoken and cuddly ones – you are guaranteed to find a new best friend when visiting a sanctuary. Many of these animals have very large stories to tell and if you give them the chance, you will hear about at least 4 of their 9 lives.

2. The world needs more people like the hard working volunteers at RAPS: Without such thoughtful and generous individuals, many (if not all) of these beautiful creatures would still be struggling on the streets ridden with disease and malnourished to the bone. RAPS cat sanctuary provides a safe permanent home to more than 700 animals. And although most originate from Richmond, BC, they also have many abandoned cats from the Lower Mainland region of Vancouver, saving them from euthanasia in their home communities.

3. Smiles are contagious and a sanctuary filled with cats is a great place to catch the “happiness disease”: From the get go, everyone that entered the sanctuary immediately had a smile move across their face as they saw a clowder (so that’s what you call a group of cats) of cats approach them and immediately cuddle into their legs and eventually the rest of them. Some of us even had cats holding on to our laps as if we were made of Velcro.

4. Our founders still get excited by seeing a whole bunch of kitties all in one place: who could ever get sick of that?!

5. Cats LOVE boxes: Time and time again, cats prove to us that their love for boxes, no matter the size, is undying. “If it fits, I sit” is a daily motto for each cat when determining where best to lay their booties.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to take everyone that wanted to go to the sanctuary with us, but with that comes good news! RAPS is open to the public every Sunday between 1pm-4pm and encourages visitors to bring any treats they may have as well as a comfy lap! Bookings are essential and you can contact RAPS on 604-275-2036 or email them at

Furthermore, if anyone is able to donate, whether it be cash, fleece blankets, food or cleaning supplies, RAPS (and all the furry felines and friends that they look after) would greatly appreciate it! You can pop in with your donation to their main shelter located at 12071 No. 5 Road, Richmond, British Columbia or visit their webpage to find out further information.

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Joseph is a new customer advocate in the meowbox team who is excited beyond words to be working with animals. When he doesn’t have tigers and lions (read: kittens and cats) gripping onto his neck whilst in the office, he has an undying passion for travel and adventure. With camera in hand, he sets out to capture the world, and inspire others to immerse themselves in the array of experiences life possesses. You can follow his adventures around the world at or through the following social networks: Instagram and Facebook.

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