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The Best Cat-cessories for Your Workspace

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As a follow-up to my last post, “10 Cat Items for Humans,” I embarked on an internet-wide search for the most stylish and functional cat-themed desk supplies on the market, so you can bring your feline obsession from home to the office.

Cat stapler

alt text Stapler, $15.95, Amazon

Cat tape dispenser

alt text Tape dispenser, $14.00, CuteTape

Cat page flags

alt text Page flags, $7.00, Indigo

Cat paper clip magnet

alt text Paper clip magnet, $11.50, Amazon

Cat paper clips

alt text Paper clips, $6.69, Amazon

Cat eraser

alt text Eraser, $3.50, Vickerey

Cat stamps

alt text Stamps, $18.00, CuteTape

Cat notebook

alt text Notebook, $10.50, Etsy

Cat mousepad

alt text Mousepad, $15.80, Etsy

Cat push pins

alt text Push pins, $15.80, Etsy

Cat pencil case

alt text Pencil case, $21.00, Etsy

Cat pencil holder

alt text Pencil holder, $13.00, Modcloth


alt text

After all, one’s workspace is hardly complete without an actual cat, am I right?

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