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6 Tips to Making Snapchat Work on Your Cat

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Move over Instagram, Snapchat is the new selfie-sharing platform draining all our smartphone batteries. Snapchat has endowed us with a plethora of lens filters that enhance our already stunning faces, but they can also be applied your cat! Here are six tips to help you make facial filters work for your feline friend:

1. Approach kitty when she is comfy and relaxed. It’s important to keep the camera still while Snapping.

2. Choose a location that is well-lit. Avoid using your flash, for the comfort of your cat and for the clarity of your photo.

3. Start by setting up your shot to take a selfie. Hold your finger down on the screen where your face is, until the facial grid appears. Swipe left to choose a filter. THEN flip the screen to your cat’s beautiful face.

4. Hold a yummy treat or a fun new toy behind your phone. This is to entice kitty to look straight at the camera.

5. Try moving or rotating your phone to help Snapchat find the best distance and angle. It can help to adjust the position of the camera to be more above, below, or from the side of your kitty’s face.

6. Reward your kitty with a treat, toy, or chin scratch, regardless of if the darned filter worked or not. At the end of the day, kitty decides when she’s ready for her closeup.

Don’t be sad if the filters don’t work, as we found that some kitty’s faces simply don’t register. As always, if your kitty isn’t in the mood for a photoshoot, let her be. A cranky kitty is hardly worth a photo. Instead, take a flower crown pic of yourself, since those seem to always end up looking so good.

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