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What do CatConLA 2016, a rooftop party and Snapchat have in common?

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What can five meowbox(ees) achieve during a two day visit in Los Angeles? Loads apparently! Not only was our visit to the SNPLA Shelter an enlivening success but we also attended CatConLA 2016, glittered attendees Snapchat photos with our custom filters and most importantly, held the meowbox event of the year “Le Chat Blanc” rooftop party!

Let’s begin with the day-time festivity that drew us all to LA shall we? CatConLA 2016! Much alike the previous year, CatCon drew in the crowds of cat-crazy fans waiting to see their favourite celebri-cats and hoomans alike. As we made our way through the endless number of stalls, we had to restrain ourselves from buying everything in our sights. Creative and unusual cat toys were on the market (keep your eye out for some of them making appearances in future meowbox’s) along with cat-themed human gear such as Lil-BUB leggings that all the girls from our office regret not buying on the spot.

Many of the vendors at CatCon also opted to make their stall interactive this year. Ranging from fun photo booths at The World’s Best Cat Litter stall, through to a giant Cat in a Box cardboard house from Animal Planet. In addition to providing a plethora of entertainment, 97 wonderful kitties found their forever homes thanks to the SPCA LA on-site adoption!

Although meowbox didn’t have a stall this year, it didn’t mean we didn’t have a presence! Wandering around we got to meet with many of our favourite cats (and their hoomans) including Nala, Coffee and Sauerkraut. We also provided fun Snapchat filters for anyone to use that was in the area! If you have any we may have missed, please feel free to send them through!

Now, what happens when the LA sun begins to set and the kitties are tucked into bed? Their hoomans come out to play of course. This is where our meowbox Le Chat Blanc Rooftop party kicks in. With the help of our fantastic furr-iends at The World’s Best Cat Litter, Jean Broders and Tom Rominger, we invited some of our favourite cat-spokespeople to mingle and celebrate all cat achievements made throughout the year.

Held on a rooftop overlooking LA, many laughs were had and smiles shared as we talked and danced the night away. Everyone got to ask the creators of Licki Brush, Tara and Jason O’Mara, and Apollo Peak Cat Wine, Brandon Zavala, about their intriguing new cat products that are taking the world by storm! Needless to say their purrsonalities were as fun as the toys and treats they had brought to life.

Whilst we wanted all of our feline friends to attend, many of them had to rest for their big day two at CatCon. Not to worry though, for some of their hoomans popped by and joined in on the festivities instead. We were graced by the presence of Pookie Varisiri Methachittiphan and Shannon Ellis – Nala and Coffee, Dustin Cabatuan – Milla, Jackie Deak – Lil Bunny Sue Roux, and Angie Paulcheck - Porkchop. We were even lucky enough for Sammi Walschlaeger to attend along with her little man, Liladolfkitlerand Jamie Somphanthabansouk with the ever so cute Hiro!

Our red carpet was graced by the presence of the beautiful Catnip Times lady herself, Lauren Meile, as well as some of our favourite cat media influencers, Vicky Walker from Catster, Angie Bailey from Catladyland and Tamar Arslanian from I Have Cat! We were even lucky enough to present everyone with a-meow-zing goodie bags filled with toys and treats from generous leaders in the cat industry!

And how could we even consider having a cat party without Dawn Fabel’s beautiful Mom, Sara Fabel – psst she is a stunning model and incredible tattoo artist when she isn’t hanging out with Dawn! Not to mention Eli Omidi and Kady Lone from the ever-renowned Cats of Instagram who had a hard time keeping straight face on the red carpet!

All in all, Le Chat Blanc was a meownificent night filled with kitty themed cocktails, fireworks from above, and captured in playful photography by the great pet photographer Andrew Marttila and yours truly!

Thank you to everyone who attended our rooftop event, to LA for being an incredible city, and to all of you wonderful cat fans who continuously give back to the cat community, ensuring that as many kitties in the world find forever homes where they are safe and happy.

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