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3 DIY Halloween Costumes for Cats

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We know kitties don’t love costumes but when you just can’t resist including your kitties in the Halloween festivities we’ve come up with some easy DIY costumes that are simple enough your cats just might tolerate them (at least in time for a quick photo op)!


What you need:
Black felt (or other dark fabric)
Safety pins
Needle & thread (or sewing machine) OR strong glue
Stuffing (cotton balls, pillow fill, really anything you can stuff into the body of the spider)
Googly eyes (optional)
Cat harness (optional)


Twist pipe cleaners: for each leg we twisted two pipe cleaners together to form a sturdier leg (you could use just one if you don’t mind them being a bit thinner)

Make the body: Cut two pieces of black felt into an oval shape. Pin the perimeter of the fabric together and leave an opening. Stuff the opening with your filling (loosely). Sew the perimeter of the body, removing the pins as you go.

Add the legs: Sew the legs onto the bottom of the body (or safety pin).

Attach to harness: We used a safety pin to attach the spider to our cat’s harness. If you don’t have a harness it actually balances on your cat quite well (at least long enough for a photo)!

King Kitty

What you need:
Needle and thread
Yellow paper
Black marker
Red fabric (about half a meter wide)
White gauze or other fluffy fabric (for collar)


Drape red fabric around kitty and cut desired length for cloak.

Use needle and thread to sew white material to line edges of red fabric

Sew button at top left side and cut slit on right side of neck collar for fastening

Use marker to draw on black markings on white trim (if desired)

Cut crown out of paper and tape together to fasten.

Ta da!


What you need:
Piece of white (preferable furry) fabric (ours was from an old jacket)
Orange/yellow cloth
Black Felt (for eyes)
Needle and thread
Orange ribbon

Cut your fabric large enough to cover kitty’s body.

Cut a half-moon piece, large enough to cover kitty’s head.

Cut two smaller ovals for wings.

Sew the half-moon piece to the top edge. This will be the chick head.

Sew the wing pieces to the left and right sides of the body.

For the beak, take two triangular pieces of orange or yellow cloth and sew on two sides. Invert, stuff with stuffing, and sew the third edge closed.

Sew the beak on the edge of the head piece and two black felt circles for the eyes.

Sew on orange ribbon to make the comb on top of the head.

Mini Bat Costume

For an extra easy (and unobtrusive costume) try one of these kitty bat attachments that attach to your cats collar. Sold right in the meowbox shop! meowboxshop $10

Dog Costumes

We don’t know why but dog costumes seem to be a lot more paw-pular than those for our furry feline friends. We found tons of costumes made for dogs at Target, dollar stores etc. that work purrfectly for cats too!

Or Skip the Costume and Spoil Your Kitty with Halloween Toys!

If your kitties just aren’t having any of it when it comes to costumes we just might know of a box full of Halloween toys and treats your kitties will definitely love! meowbox $22.95

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