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How to Plan the Purrfect Valentine’s Day with Your Cat

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Close your eyes. Now, imagine your ideal Valentine’s Day. If you are envisioning cuddling your cats on the sofa while bingeing on Netflix and cinnamon hearts, you are not alone.

Any man (or human being, for that matter) who enters my life must understand that the cat comes first. If you don’t like cats, it’s over. Is this a tad savage? Maybe. But the cat lovers out there will understand where I’m coming from.

If you have cats, they are the loves of your life. No actual, human person will ever compare to your fur baby. They will always be your Number Two, no matter what lies you make in your wedding vows.

Whether you’re single, dating or married, you know who your true Valentine is. Here’s how to plan the puurrfect date with your cat or cats this Valentine’s Day.

Dress to impuurress

If your cat is black, wear white. If your cat is white, wear black. This way, their fur will be more visible, as will their ownership of you. Cats love that.

Make sure to put up some Valentine’s decorations for photo ops with your date.

Pop open some wine

No need to drink alone! With Apollo Peak’s cat-friendly wine, your cat won’t have to miss out on the best part of celebrating. Until Valentine’s day use code VALENTINES for 15% off everything in the meowboxshop, including white and red vino for your kitties!

Have a snuggle-a-thon

If your cat isn’t the cuddly type, who knows? Maybe in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, they will be overcome with the fuzzies. Maybe, just maybe, they even will let you touch their toe beans for once.

Give them a gift they won’t furget

Your local pet store or Target likely has a section of Valentine’s themed cat toys that are a meowvelous way to get your kitties into the spirit. Or even better, get them a meowbox subscription and they’ll love you forever. I promise. And if that isn’t an option, an empty box will do. Cats are easy to please (in this way, at least).

Reflect on your relationship thus far

Dig into those photo albums from the early years of your relationship and savour the nostalgia. Remember when they were so tiny, you could scoop them up with one hand? Throughout the months and years, your love only grew. Maybe they wake you up meowing at an ungodly hour, or occasionally pee on your clean laundry when you refuse to share your sandwich with them (looking pointedly at my cat here), but admit it: you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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