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Your New Best Lip Shade: Your Cat's Nose?!?

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If there’s one thing we love more than our cats’ toe beans, it’s their little juicy noses. We could kiss them all day, whether they liked it or not (more likely not, but still).

Dawne, founder of DIY cosmetic company Craft Lipstick, is equally enamoured with her cat’s nose—so much so that she decided to formulate a custom lipstick inspired by its soft pink shade, using her Craft Lipstick kit. In a recent blog post, she shares her process and the final recipe, aptly naming the shade “Pretty Kitty.”

Needless to say, we’re intrigued. We have taken our love for our cats to various levels (taking them for walks on leashes, sharing our lunch with them, and amassing an extensive digital archive of photos, etc.), but we had not yet considered taking our obsession to the realm of makeup. Weird? Okay, a little. Weirdly brilliant? Definitely.

I’m not entirely sold, however. Though lipstick isn’t exactly my line of expertise, I can imagine that any shade other than pink or orange would be difficult to formulate or just unwearable as a lip colour. It would be especially challenging, if not impossible to formulate a lipstick that duplicates a mottled nose. If someone out there manages to overcome these limitations and create a full line of cat nose-inspired lipsticks, I will be genuinely impressed (also, take my money).

Should this be a trend? Would you wear a lip colour that matches your cat’s nose? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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