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Your Go-To Checklist for Bringing Home a New Cat

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This is a guest post by Ghergich & Co. in collaboration with PetCo.

There’s little better than bringing home a new cat or kitten. But while it might be all smiles and happiness for you, for the feline, a new home can be a stressful transition. That’s why it’s important to prepare as much as possible before the pet ever crosses your threshold.

For starters, figure out what you need and get it well before you bring the cat or kitten home. Decide what type of food you want to use, and pick up some water bowls, too (multiple spots for them to hydrate is key). Another last essential in bonding you to your new pet? Tasty treats that you can use to bond your animal to you. The extras help your feline friend quickly make your home theirs; those include fun toys and even a snuggle-in-place bed.

Want more ideas for setting up your house to be its best cat house possible? This graphic can help.

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