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meowbox presents: A Pizza Purrty

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Cats, pizza, and wine - no one I know can say no to that! That’s why we thought it would be an ameowzing idea to throw a pizza party to raise funds for Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Organization - and as it turned out, we thought right! Here’s what went down:

We chatted about all things cats

On the evening of April 26th, 2017, thirty guests gathered together for an evening of socializing, drinks and cat-shaped pizza making. The event, sponsored by Canada’s #1 rated pet insurance company, Pets Plus Us, took place in East Vancouver at The Uncommon Cafe. The space, owned by Lisa and Luc Leimanis, is chic, cozy and is an ideal venue for hosting private parties. Purrty go-ers bonded over their cat loving ways and many arrived decked out from head to toe in cat ears, shirts and even shoes.

We got creative

Shortly after the bar opened, Cafe owners, Lisa and Luc, provided us with a dough demonstration in groups of ten and then things got catty! Our team was blown away with the creative, cat-inspired pizzas that everyone came up with! “I’ve never made pizza before, let alone a cat shaped pizza - I had the BEST time!” - Lisa, guest

We ate pizza that was as tasty as it was cute

From feline faces and a litter of kittens to full bodied cats, every pizza was totally purrfect, and equally mouth wateringly delicious. Not only does Lisa use her grandmother’s recipe for the Cafe’s handcrafted dough, but the marinara pizza sauce is also made in house by Chef Luc. With both vegan and vegetarian options available, everyone left with happy taste buds and full bellies.

We drank cat inspired beverages

As guests waited their turn to go into the kitchen, they mingled, munched on gourmet pawpcorn by The Popcorn Bar and guzzled down meowbox meowjitos.

We raised money for rescue kitties!

Wine and Postmark beer were also available for purrchase, with all proceeds going to VOKRA. “This is such a cool idea. I love opportunities to give back to the cat community (and I love pizza almost as much as I love cats). I hope you put on more events like this!” - Haley, guest

On behalf of the kitties, we would like to give a huge thank you to Pets Plus Us, The Uncommon Cafe, Postmark Brewing and The Popcorn Bar. Aside from deliciously cute food, this party combined a creative process, bringing cat people together and a great cause - overall it was pawsitively successful!

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