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Tails of the meowbox Sushi Kittens

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The meowbox office just got a lot fluffier! We could not be more thrilled to be first time foster moms to a four week old litter of seven and their mama.

Meet our foster kitties!

What do you do when you suddenly acquire eight new cats and don’t know what to name them? Hold a contest of course! We were blown away by the amount of creative submissions we received and are happy to announce our gang finally has been named! Welcome to the world Ebi, Nori, Tobiko, Maki, Uni, Fugu, Ahi and mama Sushi! Adventure awaits you…

How did we end up as foster purrents?

Our whole team is passionate about the cat welfare and we recognize how crucial fostering is to cat rescue, so we applied to foster at Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Organization earlier this year. On Thursday, June 1st, our foster coordinator alerted us about a mom and litter of seven who had been rescued from an abandoned city bus earlier that day. We immediately became eager to open our home and hearts to this little furry family and within a matter of hours we were picking them up from the rescue center.

The squad

The kittens and Sushi are set up in a spacious pen inside an enclosed room, which helps them stay safe, engage and socialize with one another. Sushi arrived slightly shy and scared but has warmed up, showing signs of trust and comfort (and loves meal time!). The seven kittens are just as playful and curious as they are adorable and while two have small colds, we are caring for them to make sure everyone stays as happy and healthy as possible. Sushi’s babies enjoy eating, chasing each other’s tails, cuddling mom, napping, using the litter box, jumping on each other and exploring. It has been ameowzing to see their purrsonalities emerge in just a matter of days! In about a month’s time, VOKRA will begin looking for loving, safe furever homes as they will be ready to leave the nest once they are 10 weeks old. Make sure to follow their journey on our social channels!

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