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Do Dogs Like meowbox?

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Image: @missbentleythecorgi, Instagram

Cat vs. dog, tail as old as time. Here at meowbox, we are animal lovers at heart though we (obviously) have an extra warm and fuzzy place in our hearts for felines. That being said, we become very intrigued when we see photos of other animals enjoying our goodies and dipping their paws/claws/feathers into #themeowlife.

Let's investigate...

Meet Miss Bentley the Corgi: “Heyya! I’m a little corgi from Ontario, Canada! My first 10 months of life have been uber exciting; lots of road trips, new friends, and treats too. I am a raw fed pup and love to eat almost anything. My favorite hobbies include herding my uncle round the house, car rides, swims, and adventures with dahd.”

Bentley introduced herself to us as a meowbox fan so naturally our inner cat became curious as ever. We asked Bentley if she was a cat….a cat dog? Bentley replied, “So long as they share their treats with me, we’ll be great friends!”. How diplomeowtic of you, Bentley.


The first meowbox Bentley received was the Under the Sea theme, a customer favorite. “I. Went. Crazy,” Bentley barked to us, “So much crinkling and jingling makes a pup go barking mad! I loves to chase the jellyfish toy, and Hooman loves to tease me with it! Darn Hooman! The jingling oyster toy drives me cray too!”.

What’s the difference between cat toys and dog toys, you ask? Bentley answered, “The size and durability. [Cat toys] are much smaller than my toys, but so are [cat] paws! Kitties have sharp claws and we noticed that cat toys take this into account so [they] won’t tear and shred.”

Pawsitive results

While meowbox might be tailored to the purreferences of felines, all species are welcome to give us a try! Take it from Bentley, who gave her meowbox experience “10/10 woofs”.

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