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One Box Can Spotlight: Charleston Animal Society

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You could say Charleston Animal Society was ahead of its time: in 1874, it became the very first animal rescue organization in South Carolina, and one of the first in the United States. Currently, it saves the lives of over 20,000 animals every year—not even counting the thousands impacted through the anti-cruelty laws it has helped implement.

In addition to serving as a rescue and shelter, Charleston Animal Society provides a huge number of pivotal community resources and services, including a foster family network, mobile spay/neuter campaigns, affordable and accessible vaccination clinics, and fun, comprehensive humane education programs for youth.

Charleston Animal Society adheres to a no-kill policy and has never turned an animal away, which means their shelter is sometimes overrun with animals in need of lodging and veterinary care. To help support this incredible organization through fostering, volunteering or donating, or if you would like to view their adoptable animals, please visit

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