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Introducing meowfest Virtual's (Fe)line-up and Vendors!

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Photo: Sereja Ris, Unsplash

Our annual celebration of all things feline, meowfest, is back again this summer, and this time around we’re going virtual! From meet-and-greets, workshops, exclusive interviews and more, digital event content for meowfest virtual will be released over the weekend of July 10th-12th, 2020, and most sessions will be accessible for a full year. All ticket proceeds will be donated to the rescue organizations Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) and Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS), both based here in British Columbia.

We are excited to announce our full (fe)line-up of headliners and vendors:


Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw is a kitten rescuer, humane educator, founder of Orphan Kitten Club and New York Times bestselling author of Tiny But Mighty and Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens. Her project Kitten Lady provides educational resources and workshops on caring for orphan kittens. Hannah will be hosting a live reading of her book and will also be doing a group Zoom and private meet-and-greets (additional tickets required). You can also shop Kitten Lady merch at her virtual vendor booth!

Cats of Instagram

Cats of Instagram began when founders Eli and Kady realized the internet was filled with cats, but they wanted to do things differently. COI curates the most adorable, hilarious and entertaining cat content through the hashtag #catsofinstagram. For aspiring cat celebrities, COI will be hosting a live session sharing tips on how to make your cat insta-famous. You can also shop COI merch at their virtual vendor booth!


The goal of TinyKittens is to change the world’s perception of feral cats, livestreaming every captivating rescue story as it unfolds. Founder Shelly Roche has dedicated her life to prove every cat is worth saving, and has pioneered techniques for understanding, handling, treating and socializing even the most challenging cats. Make sure to virtually stop by Shelly’s live “Ask Meow Anything” Q&A session focusing on Special Needs kitties.


Kristi Bellis is a foster mom, cat rescue advocate and the human behind the popular kitten Instagram account @whiskersnpurrs. Kristi’s content is both entertaining and educational, inspiring fellow cat lovers to support rescue through fostering and adoption. Through her live session, “Welcome Home,” she will be sharing tips on introducing a new cat or kitten to the family.

Dr. Evan Antin

Renowned veterinary expert, exotic animal specialist and cat dad Dr. Evan Antin has dedicated his life to helping creatures of all sizes, including our beloved household dogs and cats. Dr. Antin has been featured on Animal Planet, Forbes, GQ and more. Don’t miss Dr. Antin’s live “Ask Meow Anything” Q&A session!

Gratefully Helena

Helena started her blog Gratefully Helena in 2016 as her creative outlet, sharing her love for food, cats, travel and lifestyle. Born and raised in Serbia, Helena immigrated to the United States when she was 17. She and her husband Scott are proud cat parents of six kitties: Maggie, Marie, Mocha, Gigi, Little Bit, Sinbad and Sylvester. Gigi, Marie and Little Bit have meowdeled for Cat Craft cat furniture, which is sold at Walmart and other major retailers. Don’t miss Helena’s DIY cat treat tutorial!

Cyril Cybernated

Cyril is a cat and plant dad who incorporates his artistic hobbies with his love for plants and his three adorable Persian kitties: Storm, Tsunami and Monsoon. His Instagram features his fur babies happily posing with his extensive (and thriving) plant collection in their boho-tanical oasis in Monterey, California. Through his virtual tutorial, he will share his best tips on choosing cat-friendly plants, and keeping your kitties away from your plants.

Stacie Bennett

Stacie Bennett, owner of Sugar Love Designs, describes her lifelong love for baking as an “obsession”! She shares her passion for desserts (especially cookies!) through her baking blog, video tutorials, custom cookie orders and cookie design classes. If you have a sweet tooth (who doesn’t?!), don’t miss her virtual cat cookie class!

Tori Peterson

Tori Peterson is the owner of Space Cat Academy, an online cat training school dedicated to solving problem behaviours, teaching tricks for enrichment, and encouraging bonding between human and feline. The school offers online courses and private consultations to determine the assess the needs of both kitty and guardian. Check out Tori’s “Kitten Kindergarten” session at meowfest Virtual!

Taylor Loren

Taylor Loren (@taylortoks on TikTok and @taylor.loren on Instagram) is the Director of Content Marketing at Later, the #1 Instagram marketing platform. Through the popular Later blog and free online courses, her goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their business through the power of Instagram marketing. Taylor was named a LinkedIn Top Voice of social media marketing and awarded Best Startup Marketing in Canada. Through her virtual tutorial, she will share some tips on how to make your cat a TikTok celepurrity.

Kaitlin Buck

Kait, also known as @beautibean, is a makeup artist and creator known for her fresh and whimsical color choices. Through her offbeat but wearable looks, she promotes skincare and self-confidence as the base of any successful makeup look. Through a virtual tutorial, Kait and her kitties Daisy, Luna, and Marceline the Vampire Queen will show you how to create a cat makeup look in under 15 minutes!

Cat Lady Fitness

Cat Lady Fitness provides health, nutrition, creativity, and overall wellness content to both kitties and their humans. Founder Jasmin Bedria is mom to two cats, Puppy and Alfred, who often make cameows on her YouTube channel and Facebook page. Learn how to make a DIY cat toy through a virtual tutorial hosted by Jasmin, Puppy and Alfred!

Katie Crewe

Katie Crewe is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Psychology Grad and Health Coach. For years she has coached clients in-person and online to help them reach their nutrition and fitness goals, promoting new and sustainable habits and encouraging them to feel excited about fitness. Join Katie and her cat Bella on her “Get Mewving” virtual workout class!

Nala Cat

Nala is a Siamese-Tabby mix who was adopted from a shelter at five months old. Since then, she has become the most famous cat on the internet with over 3.8 million Instagram followers, and was named a top influencer by Forbes in 2017. Come meet the queen herself at her live virtual meet-and-greet (and shop her merch at her virtual vendor booth)!


Pudge is an internet celepurrity cat known for her flat face and fabulous white mustache. Keep your apron handy: Pudge and her mom, @cats_of_instagram’s Kady, will be hosting a “Catified Kitchen” class on DIY cat food!


Formerly a sick rescue kitten who was nursed back to health by her foster parents, Smush’s mission in life is to encourage humans to make the world a better place and never give up. She is an honorary board member of the Smush Foundation, a nonprofit that helps animal welfare organizations apply marketing strategies to reach their goals. Smush will be doing a live meet-and-greet as well as an exclusive interview!

Jiro Boo

Jiro Boo is a purebred Bengal who was surrendered to the BSPCA due to an injury and was then adopted by his forever human, Denise. Make sure to wish Jiro Boo a Happy Birthday at his birthday celebration event, live at meowfest Virtual!

Kitty Mojito

Kitty Mojito is an Edmonton-based meowdel who loves canoe rides, going on photoshoot walks, and lounging on the patio! Learn more about Kitty Mojito’s unique taste for adventure through our panel on adventure cats, hosted by Emily Miethner, co-founder of Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat!


Reinhardt is a Vancouver-based Siberian cat who loves to explore forests and beaches, go for car rides, and munch grass in the backyard. Learn more about Reinhardt’s unique taste for adventure through our panel on adventure cats, hosted by Emily Miethner, co-founder of Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat!


Rajah’s owner, Jenny Hart, is a travel writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Rajah often accompanies her human on her travels, and has visited over a dozen U.S. states by way of plane, train, boat, and automobile. Learn more about Rajah’s unique taste for adventure through our panel on adventure cats, hosted by Emily Miethner, co-founder of Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat!

Birch and Luna

Birch and Luna are adventure kitties living their best lives in the Pacific Northwest! They love to explore in all kinds of environments, from snowy mountain hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail to giant sand dunes in New Mexico to gorgeous ocean vistas in the San Juans. Learn more about Birch and Luna’s unique taste for adventure through our panel on adventure cats, hosted by Emily Miethner, co-founder of Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat!


Catit Canada

Catit offers just about any toy, treat or gadget a cat could want or need! From automatic drinking fountains, Catit Creamy tube treats, grooming devices, stylish scratchers and cat condos, collars and harnesses, slow feeders and more, Catit is your one-stop-shop for all things feline.


meowbox is a subscription box for cats, shipping an adorably-themed selection of paw-picked toys and treats to your doorstep every month, or bi-monthly! For every box of goodies purchased, a can of cat food (or monetary equivalent) is donated to a shelter cat.


Anipet is a pet product distributor selling to retailers, groomers and veterinary clinics across Canada. Cat food, cat furniture, litter, toys, cleaning items and grooming tools are just a few items from their diverse selection of products. Plus, Anipet offers plenty of items for your cat’s non-feline animal friends, too!

Best Cat

Best Cat is a sibling-run cat product company offering quality products and expert cat care advice. Owners Meagan and Kyle have a combined 10 years of hands-on experience in the pet industry, educating pet owners and helping rescued cats find their forever homes. On their website, you can find beds, cat furniture, “catcessories,” cat care items, food, health and wellness products and more!

Acana Pet Foods

Acana Pet Foods makes premium dog and cat food with nutritious, fresh and regionally-sourced ingredients, right here in Canada.

Router Cat Media

Router Cat Media is a Penticton-based media company owned by interdisciplinary artist, creative curator and self-described “crazy cat lady” Kona Sankey. Kona’s work is largely inspired by nature and animals, especially cats!

Pet Wine Shop

Pet Wine Shop creates cat-friendly versions of our favourite beverages, from “Pinot Meow” to “Purrsecco.” No more drinking alone!


The Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) is a registered charity that operates the no-kill City of Richmond Animal Shelter, RAPS Hospital, as well as one of North America’s largest cat sanctuaries. All ticket proceeds from meowfest will be donated to RAPS and LAPS!


The Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) is a registered non-profit charity founded by volunteers that strives to promote the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of companion animals in Langley. All ticket proceeds from meowfest will be donated to RAPS and LAPS!


Check out the meowfest virtual vendor booth for adorable event merch, so you have a keepsake to remember the weekend for years to come!

P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna

P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna was created when author Sarah Chauncey lost her kitty of 20 years, Hedda. Featuring playful illustrations by artist Francis Tremblay, the gift book is a go-to source of comfort for adults who are grieving over the loss of a companion animal.

My Cat is People

Vancouver-based My Cat is People is a small business with a lot of heart…and a lot of cat hair! From adorable pins, stationery, buttons and bookmarks to greeting cards and colouring pages, you’re bound to find something for your favourite cat lover—or just for yourself!

Happy Cat

Happy Cat Feline Essentials is Vancouver, BC’s only 100% cat-centric supply store! Happy Cat offers food, treats, toys, litter, grooming supplies, furniture, and everything else you need to help your cat live their best life.


British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals BSPCA is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the lives of farm, domestic and wild animals, which they achieve through spay/neuter clinics, fostering and adoption programs, a wildlife rehabilitation centre, numerous facilities caring for abandoned and abused animals, and much more.

Natural Cat Toy

Natural Cat Toy crafts eco-friendly, safe and tempting toys for kitties made from organic materials. Many of their goodies contain silvervine, a popular catnip alternative.

Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat

Your Cat Backpack by Travel Cat offers everything an adventure cat could need! From “Porta-Pawty” travel litter boxes to strong, comfortable and sturdy cat backpacks, you and kitty will be set for exploring in no time.

Considerate Cat

Considerate Cat Tarot started as a crowd-funded passion project by artist and kitten foster mom, Madeleine Belanger. Inspired by the stories of real-life foster cats, the tarot deck combines Madeleine’s love for cat rescue, storytelling and design, and helps support feline rescue efforts in Vancouver.


EmMeMa creates adorable, comfortable, sustainable and ethically-made undergarments (and other clothing) from a happy studio in the Greater Toronto Area. 5% of all order proceeds are donated to a local charitable organization.

Amy Tom Art & Design

Amy Tom makes cute anthropomorphic animal and fantastical human art inspired by her love of wildlife, unusual animals and her favourite pop culture characters. Through her Etsy shop, you can find prints, patches, magnets, greeting cards, colouring books and more!

MadRock Designs

MadRock Designs creates handcrafted custom raised pet food bowl stands and other one-of-a-kind wooden heirloom projects. Owner and craftswoman Laura French aims to give her customers as much joy though her products as she gets making them.

Purfect Pair

Purfect Pair is a Canadian company created by crazy cat ladies, for crazy cat ladies! They design and create ethically-made quirky cat-centric products (such as their popular CatNip tees, donating 5% of all order proceeds to animal rescue groups, and 5% of proceeds from their CatNip tee collection to the Canadian Cancer Society to help fight breast cancer.

Cat Sitter Toronto

Cat Sitter Toronto understands that as cat parents, we want cat sitters who will not just do the job, but will shower our kitties with the same level of love and care we give them. The company provides professional, reliable cat care services throughout the Downtown Toronto and Toronto East areas.

Cherished Companions

Cherished Companions creates original paintings, prints, home decor, animal art and more to celebrate our companion animals. A strong advocate for positive reinforcement training, preventative care and natural, holistic approaches to pet health, owner Caitlin also offers pet behaviour and care tips through her YouTube channel.

Kitchen Cat Textiles

Kitchen Cat Textiles creates adorable textiles for your kitchen and your cat! Through her Etsy, shop oven mitts, kitchen towels and more to transform your kitchen into the purrfect catified oasis.

Former Fibres

Former Fibres creates eco-friendly pet beds, handmade with love using 100% upcycled fabric and thread made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! The bed shells are machine-washable with the option to stuff your own, or to use their natural and sustainable Kapok fibre filling.

Meow Mini Mart

Meow Mini Mart specializes in all things feline: organic catnip and treats, handmade toys, grooming and wellness products, exclusive hand-crocheted collars and accessories, and more. Of course, all products are appurroved by their in-house cat testers, Laszlo and Beau!


Picatee offers businesses, influencers and organizations a new and innovative approach to promoting or fundraising by combining photo sharing with marketing. Picatee creates an online shop that’s configured uniquely to your business or organization, allowing your clients to purchase your custom branded products and have them shipped directly to their home.


Animal Defense and Anti-Vivisection Society of BC(ADAV) is a peaceful grassroots organization that was launched by a veterinarian in 1927, committed to abolishing the practice of experimenting on animals. Through educational resources and outreach campaigns, ADAV strives to create a more humane future for animals.

Pink Owlet

Pink Owlet offers a range of adorable cat-themed pins, patches and apparel, all lovingly designed by artist and owner Dana Duncan.

It’s not too late to join the online purrty! Get your tickets here and make sure to use the exclusive coupon code MEOWBOX5 for $5 off (expires July 9th)!

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