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How to Keep Your Cats Away From Your Plants

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Rana Sawalha, Unsplash

If your kitties are preventing you from achieving the indoor jungle of your dreams, you’re not alone: my cats will make it their mission to destroy any and all plants I bring into my apartment.

Before you give up altogether and start to accept the fact that you’re doomed to a greenery-free home, here are some tips to keep your kitties away from your houseplants.

Kevin Lessy, Unsplash

Display your plants out of reach.

The first tactic you can try is perhaps the most obvious: making your plants inaccessible to your cat. Placing them on a high bookshelf, in a room that is off-limits to them (e.g. a bathroom that has a window), or hanging them from the ceiling may be a quick fix. Preventive Vet suggests using sticky putty under your plant pots, so that in the chance your cat does make it to the top shelf, they can’t knock them to the ground.

Annie Spratt, Unsplash

Try out different types of cat-safe plants.

A giant palm with long, flouncy leaves will look like a giant toy to your cat; a rubber plant, maybe not so much. Try leaving out a few pet-friendly, low-cost plants around your home to see how your cat reacts. Here is a list of our cat-safe faves. You can also refer to the ASPCA’s website for an extensive list of toxic and nontoxic houseplants and flowers.

Mia Vargas, Unsplash

Mist your plants with a cat-safe deterrent spray.

Love to Know suggests lightly spritzing your plants with a bitter spray, which should prevent your kitties from nibbling on the leaves. Since every cat has different health needs, we recommend consulting your vet about what options are safe for your cat to consume before trying out any sprays.

Give your cat their own plant.

Catit Cat Grass Kit (Pack of 3), $13.99, Amazon

Gardening Know How recommends “sacrificing” one plant to your cat. This could be a cat-safe houseplant, or some grow-it-yourself cat grass.

Surround your kitties with distractions.

meowbox, $22.95 USD

One of the reasons why your cats could be attacking your plants is simply that they’re bored. A monthly box of stimulating toys and yummy treats will switch up kitty’s routine and keep them distracted. Plus, with this month’s meowbox in particular, they’ll have their own selection of cat-friendly “plants” to nibble on! (Available for a limited time only, while supplies last).

Fake it 'til you make it.

Top left to bottom right: Snake plant, Structube, $99 CAD; Monstera Deliciosa, CB2, $59.95 CAD; FEKJA Peperomia, IKEA, $3.99 CAD; Keimi Eucalyptus Branch, Urban Barn, $16.99 CAD; TARO plant, Structube, $43 CAD; FEKJA String of Hearts, IKEA, $7.99 CAD

When it comes down to it, there’s unfortunately no magical solution to keeping your kitties away from your plants. If all else fails, you can always take the artificial route. It might be borderline blasphemous in the plant lover community to decorate with fake plants, but sometimes you just need to do whatever it takes to add that lacking pop of green to your living space!

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