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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Cat

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For us cat people, the holidays are a purrfect excuse to spoil our cats even more than usual (even if they’ve been a little more naughty than nice this year)! Whether your budget is $10 or $100, here are some gifts that your kitty is bound to love.

Cat food

Premium sustainable cat food, Healthy Shores

Have you been on the hunt for cat food that is locally made with high quality ingredients? Meet Healthy Shores, a Canadian pet food company based on Vancouver Island. They specialize in crafting wet food for cats and dogs with seafood as the first, and main, ingredient. All the processing and packaging is done in their own federally-regulated seafood cannery in Nanaimo, where their parent company has been perfecting the art of seafood canning since 1961. They are dedicated to using only human-grade cuts of fish that are wild-caught in the Pacific Northwest, with complete traceability from boat to can. Plus, their packaging is fully recyclable! Nothing but nature’s best food from Canada’s west coast for our fur babies.

Cat face massager

Cat face massager, Urban Outfitters

Treat your kitty to a much-deserved spaw day!

Festive bandana

Handmade holly-patterned bandana by Bijou & Birdie, the meowbox shop

The purrfect accessory for Catmas festivities and that annual family photo.


Meowijuana Pawty Mix catnip, Petsmart

Get the pawty started with this potent catnip blend!

Automatic litter box

Furbulous self-pack litter box, Indiegogo

Let’s be honest: a litter box that automatically refills is a gift to your cat and to yourself.


Meowgarita catnip beverage by Pet Wine Shop, the meowbox shop

This feline-friendly beverage may not contain any alcohol, but with fresh, locally-grown catnip, it will be purrfect for holiday celebrations or any Caturday night.

Window perch

Cat hammock, Tuft + Paw

Kitty can bird-watch in style with this cozy window hammock. (Warning: if you have more than one cat, they may fight over who gets the window seat!)


Scratcher with crinkle balls, Petsmart

With this TV scratcher, kitty will be one step closer to making their dreams of starring in a Temptations commercial a reality.

Cat cave

Covered cat bed, Petsmart

This covered cat bed will offer kitty a cozy place to hide away from visitors, the dog, or the dreaded cat carrier.

Cat grass kit

Giggle Grass cat grass seed kit, Happy Cat

If your cat is munching on your houseplants, it’s time to get them their own!

meowbox subscription

meowbox subscription, price varies by plan

Keep your cat entertained this winter with a new selection of themed toys and tasty treats every month, or bi-monthly.

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