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6 Reasons Why Your Cat Makes the Ultimate Valentine

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Who says Valentine’s Day has to just be about celebrating romantic love? We’re here to tell you that there’s no shame in spending the holiday at home with your kitties! In fact, there are plenty of upsides to camping out on the couch with your best furry friend, takeout and a bingeworthy Netflix series. Here are just a few reasons why your cat makes the purrfect Valentine’s date.

They will be truly indifferent about any choice you make

Tim-Oliver Metz, Unsplash

Are you in the mood for Italian or Japanese? A rom-com or a horror movie? Your cat doesn’t care, as long as you remember their dinnertime.

They’re always down for a cozy night in

Juan Gomez, Unsplash

No need to brave the snow or rain when you can stay toasty with kitty on the couch!

They are (almost too) easy to find gifts for

Luku Muffin, Unsplash

From a bag of their favourite treats to an empty toilet paper roll, there is no shortage of low-to-no-cost gift ideas for your cat.

They have toe beans

Joao Vitor Marcilio, Unsplash

Holding hands < gently squishing toe beans. Enough said.

They make the best cuddle buddies

Alexander Andrews, Unsplash

The croaky purrs? The hyper-focused biscuit making? That thing they do when they stretch out their little toes? Purrfect. Plus, they always smell so good.

They don’t ask for anything but love

Desiree Dufresne, Unsplash

Okay, and food… but that’s beside the point.

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