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Can I order meowboxes in bulk?

Absolutely! Please see below our discounts for bulk gift orders. The more meowboxes you purrchase, the more you save.

Base prices

1-month plan: $29.95 USD/$39.95 CAD
3-month plan: $80.85 USD/$104.85 CAD ($26.95 USD/$34.95 CAD per box)
6-month plan or longer: $143.70 USD/$179.70 CAD ($23.95 USD/$29.95 CAD per box)

Qty of subscriptionsDiscount %

E.g. 20 3-month gift subscriptions will cost $1,293.60 USD/$1677.60 CAD (3-month base price x 20, minus a 20% discount).

Choose between gift e-certificates or gift boxes. Unlike regular subscriptions, please note that gift subscriptions do NOT renew.

Discounts for bulk orders of regular (renewing) subscriptions are also available. To set up your bulk order, please contact us.

Thank mew!