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Why should I buy a cat subscription box?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a cat subscription box for yout cat:

  • Unboxing a meowbox together with your cats lets you interact with them one on one. This means quality bonding time with your cats.
  • Having 5-7 items in one box eliminates the shipping costs involved with purchasing these items individually. Save money!
  • You will be introduced to new brands and items that you would have otherwise not heard of. You’ll save time searching for cool toys and treats. We do the work for you!
  • Pet stores offer a limited selection while meowbox goodies are different every month. Spice up your cat’s otherwise routine day.
  • Give your cats a monthly treat they look forward to and you’ll smile seeing them get excited over their monthly delivery.
  • New and exciting goodies encourages your cats to play and act like kittens again. They get the healthy exercise and stimulation they need.