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A Day at the Farmers' Market

Each A Day at the Farmers' Market meowbox includes a combination of 5 of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Please note, the treat in your box may vary depending on available inventory.

Meow Farms Sunflower Wand

Meow Farms Sunflower Wand by R2P Pet

Strawberry Purrsurves Catnip Toy

Strawberry Purrsurves Catnip Toy by Crochet Kitty

Corny Kicker

Corny Kicker by R2P Pet

Yummy Dried Chicken Breast Satchel

Yummy Dried Chicken Breast Satchel by Yappetizers Treat Company

Catnip Cherry Pillow Toy

Catnip Cherry Pillow Toy by Priscilla's Pet Products

Mewberry Farms Bluberry Pint

Mewberry Farms Bluberry Pint by R2P Pet

Wool Love Heart

Wool Love Heart by Le Sharma Trading

Freshly Picked Orange Toy

Freshly Picked Orange Toy by Polydactyl Cats

Wooly Ladybug

Wooly Ladybug by Amazing Pet Products

Soft Chew Turkey Treats

Soft Chew Turkey Treats by Pawsitively Canadian