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April 2016

Each April 2016 meowbox includes a combination of 5 of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Please note, the treat in your box may vary depending on available inventory.

Wildlife Palz

Wildlife Palz by Ruff & Whiskerz

Wildlife Stick Buddiez

Wildlife Stick Buddiez by Ruff & Whiskerz

Wildlife Wiggliez

Wildlife Wiggliez by Ruff & Whiskerz

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Wooly Fun Big Mouse

Wooly Fun Big Mouse by One Pet Planet

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Maui Meowi meowbox Karrots

meowbox Exclusive
Maui Meowi meowbox Karrots by Cat Trees

Tuna Snaps

meowbox Exclusive
Tuna Snaps by The Granville Island Pet Treatery

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Catnip Tea Bag

meowbox Exclusive
Catnip Tea Bag by Flour's Garden

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Seafood Mini Bites for Cats

Seafood Mini Bites for Cats by Rollover

Refillable Cat Toy

Refillable Cat Toy by Multipet

Stitch Mice

Stitch Mice by Multipet

Choice Chicken

Choice Chicken by Prime Taste Treats

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Yellow Chili Pepper

meowbox Exclusive
Yellow Chili Pepper by BeWitched Cat Toys

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