April 2017

Kitties who were shipped the April 2017 meowbox received 5 of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Wild Salmon Freeze Dried Treats

Wild Salmon Freeze Dried Treats by Vital Essentials

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But Furrst Coffee Pin

But Furrst Coffee Pin by My Cat is People

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Emoji Pizza Toy

Emoji Pizza Toy by Ruff & Whiskerz

Hoptuits Cricket Crunchies

Hoptuits Cricket Crunchies by Hoptuits

Wool Flower Toy

Wool Flower Toy by Le Sharma Trading

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Mini Kicker

Mini Kicker by Furry and Fancy

Shiny Feather Mouse

Shiny Feather Mouse by Multipet

Terra Toys Mouse Duo

Terra Toys Mouse Duo by CatIt

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Terra Toys Cone

Terra Toys Cone by CatIt