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Arctic Adventures

Kitties who were shipped the Arctic Adventures meowbox received a selection of 5 or more of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Arctic Adventures
Sassy Sardines 2-Pack

Sassy Sardines 2-Pack by R2P Pet

Alaskan Snowball

Alaskan Snowball by The Warm Cats

Shining Snow Wand

Shining Snow Wand by R2P Pet

Squeaking Narwhal

Squeaking Narwhal by R2P Pet

Felted Wool Fish

Felted Wool Fish by Snow Leopard Trust

Alaskan Snowflake Kicker

Alaskan Snowflake Kicker by Handiworkin Girls

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Felted Wool Snow Owl

Felted Wool Snow Owl by Snow Leopard Trust

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Totally Tuna Treats

Totally Tuna Treats by Waggers

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Constellations Wand

Constellations Wand by The Empurrium