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Furst Date

Kitties who were shipped the Furst Date meowbox received a selection of 5 or more of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Maui Meowi Hava Heart

Maui Meowi Hava Heart by Cat Trees

Chicken and Liver Nibbly Treats

Chicken and Liver Nibbly Treats by CatIt

Wiggly Ball

Wiggly Ball by Dezi & Roo

100% Wool Heart

100% Wool Heart by Le Sharma Trading

Purrfect Pickup Lines

Purrfect Pickup Lines by R2P Pet

Bouquet Batter Wand

Bouquet Batter Wand by R2P Pet

Tindpurr Toy

Tindpurr Toy by R2P Pet