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June 2016

Kitties who were shipped the June 2016 meowbox received a selection of 5 or more of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Pinot Meow Cat Wine

Pinot Meow Cat Wine by Apollo Peak

Anchovy Snaps

meowbox Exclusive
Anchovy Snaps by Anchovy Snaps

Made with Love Ladybug

meowbox Exclusive
Made with Love Ladybug by Sammy Merlin

Catnip Fortune Cookie

meowbox Exclusive
Catnip Fortune Cookie by CatstuffOH

Wildlife Buddiez

Wildlife Buddiez by Ruff & Whiskerz


Goldfish by All For Paws

Catnip Mice

Catnip Mice by All For Paws

Ribbon Ball

Ribbon Ball by All For Paws

Sleepy Mouse

Sleepy Mouse by All For Paws

Feather Tailed Mouse

Feather Tailed Mouse by All For Paws

Categories Catnip Cuddler Kitty Condor

Categories Catnip Cuddler Kitty Condor by R2P Pet

Catnip Taco

Catnip Taco by LeKiwi's


Groomie by FFD Pet


Banana by All For Paws


Tuna by All For Paws