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Purrs From Paris

Kitties who were shipped the Purrs From Paris meowbox received a selection of 5 or more of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

French Purrfume Toy

French Purrfume Toy by R2P Pet

Buy online: meowbox Shop

Eiffel Tower Kicker

Eiffel Tower Kicker by Crochet Kitty

Buy online: meowbox Shop

Wool Love Heart

Wool Love Heart by Le Sharma Trading

Buy online: meowbox Shop

Wine & Cheese Duo

Wine & Cheese Duo by R2P Pet

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Purrfect Parisian Kitty Beret

Purrfect Parisian Kitty Beret by R2P Pet

Buy online: meowbox Shop

Chicken Nibbly Treats

Chicken Nibbly Treats by CatIt

Wool Croissant

Wool Croissant by Le Sharma Trading

Baguette Mini Kicker

Baguette Mini Kicker by Crochet Kitty