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Meet Zac and Harvey, the meowbox Office Cats!

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When Olivia, meowbox’s CEO, learned about a little moustached kitten named Harvey and his foster brother Zac, she knew there was something special about them. In fact, one could even say it was love at puurrst sight.

Harvey had been abandoned in a ditch in the rain, starving and covered in fleas. He was rescued by a kind lady who took him in her care. Due to his previous neglect, Harvey soon ran into some serious health issues, which led his foster mom to launch a GoFundMe page to raise money for his steep vet bills. Olivia used meowbox’s online platform to help spread awareness about the campaign. With the help of some compassionate and generous cat lovers, Harvey was soon able to receive the care he needed.

Now that Harvey had regained his health, his foster mom decided that it was time to find him a forever home. Luckily, she didn’t have to look for long. Olivia’s investment in Harvey’s journey had caused her to develop an attachment to him that was too strong to ignore.

Once the details had been sorted out with Harvey’s foster mom, Olivia and her meowbox co-founder, Francois, were on a plane from Vancouver to Philadelphia to adopt him and his buddy Zac, with whom he had become inseparable.

On their way back home from Philadelphia, Francois and Olivia encountered issues with bringing Zac and Harvey on-board the aircraft. They had two choices: leave the kittens, or fly to Las Vegas from Philly, stay overnight, and return to Vancouver from Nevada.

Having come all that way, and being as smitten by Zac and Harvey as they already were, the decision wasn’t a difficult one. Without a second thought, they took the flight to Vegas. Oh, the things we do for our kitties!

Two years later, Zac and Harvey are enjoying a well-deserved life of luxury as meowbox’s official models and product testers. They’ve developed their own distinct quirks and puurrsonalities that even the most avid dog lover couldn’t resist.

The best spot in the office, according to Zac? Human shoulders.

…or a box. Any box.

Katie, meowbox’s growth marketer, is Harvey’s favorite.

They are so adored that their antics are either overlooked or fawned over. From tearing open and devouring treats that were intended for meowboxes, to harassing the meowbox humans for their food (oatmeal, Greek yogurt and anything with avocado are their favorites), to almost sending half-finished emails by walking on our keyboards, the boys do get into their fair share of trouble.

Don’t let these innocent faces fool you.

One time, when Francois and Olivia were out of town, Zac and Harvey even flooded the office by turning on and rotating the kitchen faucet, the water pouring onto the floor. By the time the catsitter came by to check in on them several hours later, tens of thousands of dollars in damage had been done. The incident only served as proof that Zac and Harvey really can get away with anything, and we’ll still love ‘em.

How did you meet your best furrend? Share your kitty’s adoption story in the comment section below!

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