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is the original cat subscription box

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What's in meowbox?

meowbox is a cat subscription box full of surprises, delivered to your door every month. Your meowbox is brimming with yummy cat treats and fun cat toys, specially selected for quality and uniqueness, to cater to your cat’s discriminating taste.

Cat toys

Cat toys

We select toys and accessories that are fun and stimulating. Excitement can come as a potent catnip bird, cat grass seeds about to sprout, a squeaky mouse, or a handmade bow tie. We search the globe for goodies that will shake up kitty’s daily routine.

Cat treats

Cat treats

All edible items are carefully sourced from Canada or the US. Tasty treats are often single-ingredient, natural, or handmade. We search for foods which are healthy, grain-free, or local. We want kitty to discover treats that are yummy and guilt-free.

A box!

A box!

Your cat may suggest that the box is the best part! In a few months, kitty will come to recognize and love this special box. Rumour has it that this behaviour is because the cardboard is sprayed with a magical kitty potion. We neither confirm nor deny.

One Box Can

With every meowbox you buy, we give a can of food to a shelter cat.

Some of the brands we've worked with

  • Nutram
  • Bellrock Growers
  • Purebites
  • R2P Pet
  • Cat Dancer Products
  • The Honest Kitchen
  • Cloud 9
  • Royal Canin
  • Natural Balance
  • FirstMate
  • Wild Calling

Look who loves their meowbox

Thank you meowbox for Junior's wonderful present! I was just as excited as him to watch him eat his treats and go crazy on his awesome catnip!

I have been subscribing to meowbox for a few months now. This time you outdid yourselves with the inclusion of the Grand Glo Mouse! Gambit either really loves or really hates this toy. He is always trying to kill it, and has so much fun fighting it! Thanks for the great toy, and as always for all the treats and good times! :)