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DIY Kitty Tent

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We were so excited about this month’s summer camp themed meowbox we just had to really send our kitties camping. Sending them out into the wilderness was obviously not an option so we did the next best thing and created a kitty campsite inside!

There are a ton of guides for DIY cat tents out there that look super easy and don’t require many supplies (and of course they’ve even been featured on Buzzfeed) so we had no excuse not to give it a try!

Boy are we glad we did, ALL of the kitties here (all 10 of them) love ‘camping’ and there is rarely a time when there’s not at least one cat snuggled inside our little grey tent. With our camping themed toys in this month’s meowbox (which you can still order here), it makes for the purrrfect kitty summer camp!

Here’s a step by step so you can make your own!

What you need:

  • 2 wire hangers
  • large t-shirt
  • piece of cardboard (enough to cut two 15 inch squares)
  • pliers
  • safety pins
  • tape (anything stronger than scotch tape, such as packing or masking tape)
  • wire cutters (optional, we did it without them)


1. Cut your cardboard (we used part of an old box) into 2 equal squares. anything between 15-18 inches will work (ours was 18). Tape the 2 squares together just so the cardboard is a little sturdier than a single piece.

2. Bend your hangers into a u-shape. If you have wire cutters cut off the hook part of the hanger and then it is quite easy to bend the rest into a U. If you don’t have wire cutters (we didn’t) just unwind the hook and then bend it as straight as you can. As you can see ours was a bit wonky but don’t worry it turns out just fine in the end!

3. Poke a hole into each corner of the cardboard square using the point of your scissors or the end of a hanger. Make the whole about half an inch in from the edge and make sure not to make the hole too big, just enough to push the hanger through.

4. Insert your wire through each hole and bend the ends back with your pliers.

5. Tape the wire down so it doesn’t move.

6. Tape the two U-shaped pieces of wire together at the top as shown below.

7. Now just throw a large t-shirt over the whole thing making sure the neck hole is centered for the entryway, pin the bottom down with safety pins and you’re done! There’s really no method to the pinning just use as many as you need to hold it together.

Voila! Your cats will probably jump in immediately, we had a hard time keeping them out of it.

Everyone from the kittens to ol' Harvey had a blast 'camping out' Toys shown are available in our current summer camp meowbox which can be ordered meow!

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