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How does meowbox work?

It’s easy!

Select a plan

Choose either the monthly or bi-monthly plan, depending on how frequently you would like to receive a meowbox. You can switch plans at any time by contacting us.

Tell us about your cat

Fill in your cats’ names, and we’ll write them a special note in every box.

Get your meowbox

Order by 11:59 pm PST, and we'll ship your first adorably-themed meowbox within 3 business days.

For your first meowbox, choose which theme you would like to receive, or let us surpurrise you. Non-gift plans will then automatically renew on the 1st and ship mid-month. If you order on the 27th of the month or later, you’ll skip the next month so you don’t receive your next box too soon. If you don’t want to skip just let us know and we’ll update your account. Please also note, address changes need to be made before the 1st of the month to apply to an upcoming box in that month.

Our passionate team of cat lovers carefully curates each box, conceptualizing unique, high quality toys that will keep your fur babies entertained for hours. Treats in your meowbox* are either organic, functional, limited-ingredient, or grain-free, and made in human-grade facilities. Forget run-of-the-mill pet store toys: You won’t find most of the goodies in your meowbox anywhere else.

And if it turns out that kitty just prefers a good ol’ toilet paper roll over toys? Simply contact us to cancel further renewals, and we will hop on it—no questions asked.

With ameowzing goodies for your cat, no commitment and our support for shelters and rescues through every box sold, what are you waiting for?

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