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Do you spray something on the meowboxes?

My cat goes crazy every month when the box arrives!

Do we? We’ll never tell!

We see how crazy kitty goes when their meowbox arrives. Here’s why we think kitty shows so much affection to the box: every single meowbox is assembled, packed, wrapped, signed, sealed, and labelled by hand (no joke). Your meowbox passes through the hands of our team members, who all have and love cats. Each of us cares deeply about the company, enjoys what we do, and we wish for you and your cats to have a brighter day when their meowbox arrives.

As kooky as it may sound, we think your cats feel our positive vibe, and maybe can sniff out the scent of us humans and our own cats!! Maybe it has something to do with catnip and maybe not, but this is our theory and we’re sticking to it!