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Meowed About Science

Each Meowed About Science meowbox includes a combination of 5 of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Please note, the treat in your box may vary depending on available inventory.

Meowed About Science
Claws For Caution

meowbox Exclusive
Claws For Caution by Doggie Styles and Kitty Too!

Warning! This catnip toy may be impawssible to resist.

Catty Chemist Costume 2 pack

meowbox Exclusive
Catty Chemist Costume 2 pack by Everstar

The path to a scientific breakthrough starts with the right lab cattire! Feel free to send us cute photos of kitty in their new lab coat for, uh, science.

Salmon Topper

Salmon Topper by Yappetizers Treat Company

Elevate your cat’s dinner from “great” to “molecularly meowgical” with this sprinkle-on treat.

Chemeowcal Reactions

meowbox Exclusive
Chemeowcal Reactions by Le Sharma Trading

Expect reactions of epic purrportions from this 100% wool toy.

Meowlecular Magic 3 pack

meowbox Exclusive
Meowlecular Magic 3 pack by Kiitty Catnip

This plushie trio is all the purroof you need that science is fun!