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A VERY Happy Birthday Cat Cake (DIY)

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Things have been quite hectic in the meowbox headquarters lately. We have had birthday after birthday celebration, stuffing our faces with desserts to no end and sharing as many cat-themed presents and images that we can find scattered across the inter-webs (but not really, because there is no end to cats on the internet). Yesterday though, we celebrated the most important of the birthdays - Harvey’s - one of our office kitties!

To make his coming to age extra special, we decided to make him his very own (he actually decided to share with Zac) cat birthday cake! It was super fun and simple to make, and the cats loved every bit of it…although the carpet didn’t love it as much. Not to mention that it is completely gluten free (meowza!). If your kitty’s birthday is fast approaching, or you want to celebrate fur the heck of it, check out the quick and easy recipe and video below!

Check out the video here!

In case you missed all that, here is the full recipe, which was adapted from Good Food Stories


1 can tuna in water, drained

1/2 cup of diced cooked chicken or flaked can chicken

1/2 cup of pureed sweet potato

1 mashed potato

Some meowbox exclusive Anchovy Snaps for cat-safe candles (email us at if you missed these treats or need to order some more!)


  1. Make sure the kitties cannot intervene during the work process, otherwise you won’t have any ingredients to work with.

  2. In a nice big bowl, mix tuna, chicken and sweet potato until it holds itself together quite firmly. If your sweet potato was too soggy, use a little bit of oat or rice flour to soak it up!

  3. Create a patty by scooping up about 3 tablespoons worth of mixture and pressing it gently onto your work surface. To make it extra fancy, use a cookie cutter or egg frying ring to keep the edges smooth (until the cats get to it).

  4. Scoop cooled, mashed potato into a zip-loc bag and snip off a small corner (make sure to remove the piece of plastic you snipped off so that your fuzz-bums don’t accidentally eat it).

  5. Frost the cake with small florets - feel free to be super creative here, it is your kitties birthday after all!

  6. Stand a few “cat-safe candles” a.k.a Anchovy Snaps into the cake.

  7. Present the cake, alongside birthday songs, to your kitty and watch him/her devour it as if it is the happiest day of their 9 lives!

Any extra mixture you have can be made into patties and frozen on parchment paper for an hour before being sealed into an airtight container or zip-loc bag…purrrfect for any occasion!

Let us know if your kitties enjoyed their birthday treats and what other goodies you’d love to see us make in the future!

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