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5 Ways to Announce your New Cat or Kitten

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Sometime around your late twenties, you may notice your social media feeds starting to slowly fill up with pregnancy and new baby announcements. Maybe you see memes like this and realize you can relate a little too much:

Source: Picture Punches

Don’t worry: even if the only child you can foresee yourself parenting anytime soon (or ever) has whiskers and uses a litterbox, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the baby-related fun. If you’ve just adopted a cat or kitten, or if you’re planning to in the near future, you already have the purrfect excuse to partake.

Ranging from the sweet and simple to the hilariously over-the-top, here are some photoshoot ideas for introducing your new bundle of purrs to the world.

Say it loud and proud with a mug

Bonus: you can never own too many cat mugs, am I right? Check out Etsy for an infinite variety of “cat dad” and “cat mom” paraphernalia.

Showcase your "special delivery"

Image credit: “1-month old kitten” by 0x010C, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Knowing cats and their innate love for boxes, this should take minimal effort on your part.

List kitty's likes and dislikes

Show a glimpse of the spunky personality behind the adorable face.

Create a "surpurrise" spin on classic newborn photos

If you want to go that extra mile, you can even hire a professional photographer.

Stage a “gender reveal”

Credit: Claire McPhilomy

Baby boy, or baby girl? Plot twist: it’s a cat! Take a page out of the book of this couple, who pranked their friends with a “gender reveal” photoshoot that turned out to be an announcement for their new puppy.

Honourable mention

Credit: Elizabeth Woods-Darby

Of course, we couldn’t write this blog without giving a nod to Colorado photographer Lucy Schultz and her partner Steven, whose cat “birth” album went viral last year. No matter what creative or comical ideas we can try to come up with, we can’t really top that.

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