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Cat Chic Week 6: Angie Paulcheck

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Welcome back kitty loving friends! It’s been a long week, but Caturday is finally here. Time to relax, put your feet up, and ponder how you might convince your cat to let you sleep in past 7am. An early morning paw to the face is a decent way to get going on Monday, but it’s significantly less cute on Saturday.

We’ll leave that dilemma for another day. For now, let us introduce you to this week’s stereotype-defying cat lover, Angie Paulcheck. Angie is the proud mother of Pork Chop, a kitty whose Instagram account boasts over 129,000 loyal followers. Although Pork Chop is an incredibly photogenic feline, her fame can be attributed to Angie’s creativity and “zero effs given” approach to life. Her quick wit, outgoing personality and refreshing sense of humour drew us in immediately. She didn’t seem like a crazy cat lady, but we had to be sure. And so, we asked her point blank how she was different.

Angie Paulcheck

“I’m a social butterfly. On my [Instagram] account I’m the same way as I am in person. I put my personality as my cat’s, so I don’t care what people think. I live my life the way I want to live, I’m confident and I do my own thing. It’s zero effs given. That’s just how I live my life.”

You heard it here folks: Pork Chop may be the star of the show but Angie simply doesn’t give an eff. And it seems like Pork Chop, with her cool, “what are you looking at” attitude, has adopted a bit of her swagger. Keep doing your thing, you two, it seems to be working!

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