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Cat Chic Week 5: The Catnip Times

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Can you believe it’s already halfway through October? It’s that time of year again where people start hunkering down, making soup and planning their TV binging schedule. Crazy cat people everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief that it’s finally appropriate to spend the day snuggling on the couch with 9 cats.

9 cats you say? That’s right, it happens. And today’s featured cat lover is proof that having 9 cats isn’t a barrier to living a completely normal life. Her name is Lauren Miele and she writes for the hugely popular website, The Catnip Times. With over 460,000 Facebook followers and millions of online readers from over 130 countries, the Catnip Times is the premiere site for cat facts, information, news, comics and videos. Their mission is to educate, enlighten and provide lots of feel-good moments that make you forget about that stack of bills you should probably pay. Lauren seems to embody the fun, light, feel-good vibe of the site she writes for. She immediately struck us as genuine, sweet, and down to earth. Not only that, but she’s hilarious. We tried to find a distinguishing characteristic that would signal to the world that she lives with 9 cats, but we came up empty handed. She wasn’t even covered in cat hair, which seems like a miracle. Doubtful that she actually has 9 cats, we asked her to name them, rapid fire, in order to trip her up in a lie.

“Oh boy! Wesley, Romeo, Rocket, Maggie, Sweet Pea, Princess Amazing, Monkey, Snow Cap and Elaine. Was that 9?” Sounds credible enough. We’re not sure why anyone would lie about the number of cats they have, but we’re nothing if not thorough investigators. We then asked our stock question: Cat people are often seen as crazy and introverted – how are you different?

Lauren Miele

“I think I am crazy and I am introverted but I am also extroverted and I make it to parties like this.”

So maybe she does fit the bill, sort of. Some days anyway. Hmmmm, this stereotype debunking thing is confusing business. Regardless, it was a pleasure meeting Lauren and we’re glad she managed to tear herself away from her many felines in order to attend the party. From where we stand, cat lovers are turning out to be a pretty awesome crowd.

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