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Cat Chic Week 11: Amy Raasch

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Hello, friends! We at meowbox hope this Caturday finds you well, not having suffered any major injury while battling the frantic Black Friday crowds in search of a killer deal. And if so, we encourage you to lick your wounds and take a long rejuvenating nap. In other words, do as your cat would do. We guarantee you’ll feel better in no time.

Today we continue our quest of showing you just how diverse, interesting and unique cat people really are. It’s an amazing crowd to be a part of and there’s so much important work being done out there. This week’s cat lover extraordinaire is an LA based singer and songwriter by the name of Amy Raasch. Amy was at CatCon LA promoting her music video “Kitty Decides”, slated to be released in the near future. “Kitty Decides” is a retro pop romp that provides lighthearted commentary on our global obsession with online felines. As the name suggests, it also points to some behavioural characteristics that kitty parents are all too familiar with; specifically, the fact that cats will do what they please because they’re the boss and they know it. With proceeds from the video benefitting animal rescue, Amy seeks to inspire cat video enthusiasts to support organizations that work hard to improve the lives of the animals they love to watch.

Amy Raasch

We immediately noticed there was something different about Amy. It might have had something to do with the skin tight pleather cat suit she was wearing. Although we were confident the cat lady stereotype wasn’t going to fit in this particular situation, we asked anyway. The question, as you know, goes as such: a lot of people think that cat people are crazy, nerdy, introverted and antisocial, how are you different?

“Well, actually, I think that I’m all of those things - but I think these things are actually assets. I believe that the reason cats are so popular right now rather than dogs (who I also love) is that cats are inherent conflict, and story is conflict. You never know what’s going to happen with a cat. A cat could love you or bite you. And so cat people are comfortable with that, comfortable in the grey area whereas most people are not - they like black or white. And I think that makes us more balanced, great listeners, good friends, and we’re willing to go with the flow. That’s why I think a lot of people here, who maybe feel more alone in their individual communities, feel right at home.”

We love this answer! She nailed what us cat people have known all along – that cats are complex and unpredictable, much like us humans and the world we live in. You never know what’s going to happen in this crazy life, so you may as well learn to roll with the punches and find the beauty in uncertainty. Thanks, Amy, for making us think a little more deeply about our attachment to our furry companions. Looking forward to the release of “Kitty Decides!”

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