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Cat Chic Week 9: Sauerkraut's Mom

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It’s finally Caturday which means – you guessed it – another week has passed. We’re not sure how that happened either. The complexities of time aside, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on this week’s cat lover extraordinaire: Amy Bender.

Amy Bender

Amy loves cats in a way that creates a big impact. She started volunteering at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society in 2010 and has since fostered over 100 cats and kittens. She possesses the knowledge, patience and compassion required to care for the most under socialized cats and teaches workshops on how to provide foster care for neo-natal kittens. Amy’s consistent habit of going above and beyond the call of duty eventually caught the attention of Purina, who nominated her for their 2015 Shelter Volunteer of the Year Award.

Amy also happens to be Sauerkraut’s mom, a sour faced kitty who’s given Grumpy Cat a run for her money when it comes to looking perfectly unimpressed. Amy adopted Sauerkraut from the Central OK Humane Society and has since turned her into an Instagram sensation. Fans can’t get enough of her dour expression, the result of a condition called Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. She also has a neurological condition that prevents her from being startled by events in the environment like loud noises or big dogs. Her nonchalant attitude coupled with her adorably sour face are the perfect recipe for Instafame. Just ask her 73.2K followers.

With four permanent cats and a revolving door of foster kitties, Amy could feasibly be considered a crazy cat lady – according to the old stereotype anyway. However, instead of making our own assessment we thought we’d ask her directly how she fits the bill.

“I don’t know that I am so much different. When you think introverted you think of someone that stays home and is into themselves. I stay at home and I foster and I spread the message about animal welfare, fostering, spay/neutering and education. So for me being an introvert is not a bad thing.”

Okay so she’s introverted in the sense that she stays home but she’s far from antisocial since she makes it a priority to connect with others by spreading awareness of important issues. And though she didn’t touch on it, Amy certainly didn’t seem crazy – just passionate. Thanks, Amy, for all that you do. Including introducing us to the amazing Sauerkraut!

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