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10 Cats Who Are Counting Down the Days Till Christmas

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These ten cats are more than ready for December 25th! Is your kitty ready for upcoming holidays?

1. Nothing says Christmas more than a green and red top hat with a matching red tie. Very dapper!

Ho ho ho Christmas day is just 5 days to go
Source: creambrother_thecat, Instagram

2. With a perfectly wrapped holiday color scarf, this stunning kitty looks focused on catching Santa coming down the chimney!

I'm dreaming of a white Catmas
Source: justmangobrown, Instagram

3. Domino wasn’t satisfied with dressing up or merely sitting in the Christmas tree. No, he wanted to be one with the Christmas tree. Where’s Domino?

Bringing this gem back. Where's Domino?
Source: rachelbrittany, Instagram

4. This black house panther is in the Christmas spirit and wanted to be sure he made it into Mom’s holiday photo!

Lookit my handsome cat
Source: misstina_marie86, Instagram

5. Okay, Neffie seems less excited about elf costume than mom, but she gets an A for being a good sport.

Neffie is getting ready for her big Christmas Eve reveal!!!
Source: sassiem, Instagram

6. Nothing says being in the Christmas spirit than….eating the Christmas tree décor? Well, that’s what happens when you use kitty safe food as Christmas tree decoration!

What do you mean, some popcorn is missing? Next time, all popcorn, no cranberries please. Source: kdhowald, Instagram

7. Who needs Santa with a Santa cat this cute? I hope he doesn’t forget my presents!

Source: motsama, Instagram

8. Santa better hurry up, it looks like this Christmas itty is getting a sleeping on the job waiting for his arrival!

Mum, this is the best you're gonna get with me in this little Santa jacket Source: georgethetuxedocat, Instagram

9. Awww, looks like this cat is more than ready to rip into his presents! Is it Christmas yet?

Tatlış oğlum yeni yılı bekliyor Source: ece_regina, Instagram

10. Nothing quite says Christmas than a cat in a Christmas sweater. We hope this kitty gets lots of gifts for being such a good sport!

Rocky ist schon richtig in Weihnachtsstimmung Source: mad_hatters_hat, Instagram

We hope you enjoyed our featured Christmas cats, and that you and your cat are having a fun time getting ready for Santa!

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Tamar Arslanian is the author of the blog, “Single in the City with Cat(s),” and consults pet brands on marketing and social media, writes for numerous pet outlets, and shares her home with three rescue cats: Kip, Petie, and Haddie. Her first book (about cats of course!), is slated to come out in the fall of 2016. You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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