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Cat Whiskers for Whisker Wednesday

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What could be more fascinating than cat whiskers? (Okay, there may be a few things but just play along). They come in all lengths, and a variety of colors and shapes! Granted they can be annoying when up against your face at 6am – a very effective technique at getting fed I must admit, at least in my home.

So today we celebrate 10 varieties of cat whisker pics!

1. The fun and funny circular whisker!

Let's just skip Monday & go straight to Whisker Wednesday right meow!!!
Source: mushoatsparty, Instagram

2. Whisker close-up.

Not sure #tacotonguetuesday or #whiskerwednesday
Source: professor_pouncey, Instagram

3. Nibbled on kitten whiskers

Whiskers today ??? Source: guismu13, Instagram

4. Wild whiskers!

Source: ima_catlover, Instagram

5. Eyebrow whiskers.

But mama, I want a treat!!
Source: les_deux_chatss, Instagram

6. Whiskers at rest.

Source: pjfore, Instagram

7. Upside down whiskers.

Upside down is my favorite! Along with food (especially human food), sleeping, attacking, and playing, of course.
Source: eelarob, Instagram

8. Well behaved whiskers.

Moose got jealous of lap time and had to come show off his whiskers for #whiskerwednesday
Source: thestormcosmos, Instagram

9. Complimentary curved whiskers.

Source: mogandlulu, Instagram

10. Super straight whiskers.

Blah!!!!! Re-runs...... May as well have a nap!! Just so long as ya keep scrubbin' (scratch/rub) ma belly!!! This picture could also qualify for a #whiskerwednesday piccie!!!!!!
Source: approvedbyarchie, Instagram

Now go check out your cat’s whiskers and see what style they resemble most!

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Tamar Arslanian is the author of the blog, “Single in the City with Cat(s),” and consults pet brands on marketing and social media, writes for numerous pet outlets, and shares her home with three rescue cats: Kip, Petie, and Haddie. Her first book (about cats of course!), is slated to come out in the fall of 2016. You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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