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12 Cattoos to Feast Your Eyes On

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A tattoo of your cat is the ultimate permanent homage to your feline love-of-your-life and/or your lifelong commitment to being a crazy cat lady/lad. Style options abound, such as featured here by these 12 dedicated purrsons:

1. Classic family portrait, complete with period-style attire and accessories.

Lots of people have asked me to repost my Chloe and Mr Belding tattoo because they haven't been able to find it in my feed. So my FBF is to when I finished my kitty tattoo done by the super talented @poppyjen about a year ago! This was right after so it's still a little red
Source: kayakristina, Instagram

2. Chief kitty, rules the house and rules humom’s arm.

Regram from @davewahtattoos my tattoo of Pierre from yesterday. It's seriously the best tattoo I've ever seen in person, and not just cause its mine ;) this artist is amazing!!! Highly recommended :)
Source: swimmylionshark, Instagram

3. Real life attributes shall be transferred via ink.

My mom loves me so much.
Source: crosseyedbabycat, Instagram

4. Cat dads can rock cattoos too!

And here's my husbands left arm! Happy caturday, y'all!
Source: charitycalifornia, Instagram

5. Nothing wrong with dipping into the realm of cat fantasy.

Source: bone_sauce, Instagram

6. Realistic portrait-style not for you? Give kitty an artistic twist.

Added some more colour on it!
Source: mariaingridr, Instagram

7. Blending two of your favorite things can be a beautiful thing.

Oh my goodness look what I just got to add to my growing collection! @kshocs always does such fantastic tats!
Source: afewcakes, Instagram

8. Allow room for your tattoo artist’s creative touch.

Source: allisonjoann96, Instagram

9. Less cat, more ball.

Finished tonight on Martha.. A little glare , a little wrap , and a bonus burrito!
Source: 0uchless, Instagram

10. Kitty with an attitude? Let it show.

So lovin my cat butt tattoo
Source: lynziee, Instagram

11. Kitty with an occupation? Be proud.

Source: Ashley Powell, Facebook

12. At the end of the day, remember that cattoos are forever.

Source: Pamela Berg, Facebook

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