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Why Cats Think Keyboards Make Great Couches

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‘erhjjjj#$%^78**’ is what your next email or IM might look like if you’re a cat owner. Look familiar?!

While cats have many quirky and cute habits, walking or sitting atop our keyboards is one habit we could do without! From our own personal experience, emails are sent prematurely, IM’s read like gibberish and important information is often deleted by paw pressure.

So, why do our feline friends do this?

The are seeking attention

There are many theories on why cats walk or sit atop keyboards but attention seeking is among the most obvious reasons. Some cat owners even find the attention-seeking habit endearing. A cat that wants your attention will resort to whatever works. Walking across or sitting on your keyboard is one of the easiest ways to stop you in your tracks, or from typing, more specifically. If you are spending too much time on that computer and not enough time with kitty, a stroll across your keyboard or even some lounging is not unlikely.

They love warm places

Cats undoubtedly love warm places and keyboards offer a place of refuge from colder temps and surfaces. According to Pictures of Cats, our feline friends like temperatures as hot as 126 degrees Fahrenheit! Similar to sun bathing, the keyboard is a warm and inviting place for kitty to sprawl out. This habit likely evolved from our cat’s desert ancestors.

They find keyboards enticing

Cats find keyboards enticing for many reasons. For starters, your fingers moving across the keyboard is like an open invitation to pounce. After all, if you’re playing with your keyboard it must be fun, right?! The keyboard keys are enticing too – they sound AND feel pretty cool when kitty walks on them. That makes for some seriously satisfying paw stroking. Or perhaps you’re watching something entertaining on your screen. If that’s the case, you can be sure kitty will take an interest too. Case in point: Kitty Scout is getting a kick out of watching himself in action on the screen.

How to stop your feline friend

Be sure to watch your cat. If she looks like she’s about to pounce, strongly discourage the behaviour by authoritatively yet softly saying ‘NO!’ Also, don’t encourage your cat by showing her things on the screen. That’s just an open invitation for play. If you want your feline friend to ease up on the keyboard hangouts, you need to be alert and responsive when the behaviour is about to go down. That way you can stop kitty in her tracks – literally.

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