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11 Cats Who Don't Care to Explain Why They Love Boxes

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We all know cats love boxes like flies love poop, but why is that? Numerous opinions have been shared, but these 11 cats don’t care about explaining themselves. They just know that when they see a box, they want in!

1. I can’t see you, so you can’t see me.

"Ok I don't think she can see me now" -Margo
Source: myfosterkittens

2. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed…that you’re interrupting my box time!

This is Not a Meowbox!
Source: scarletsea

3. It’s so weird, the boxes keep on shrinking…

What is better on a rainy day than to curl up in your favourite box?
Source: ats_and_nicklas

4. Oh hai. Yes, we are willing to share this box.

If this isn't a Skippy ad, I don't know what is!
Source: myfosterkittens

5. Boxes are affordable, recyclable, and fully customizable.

I like to tear up my boxes and then use them as hunting blinds
Source: soetkin_cat

6. Creep? What does that even mean?

It’s Freaky Friday! While Finnegan is feeling a bit freaky in a box...
Source: pitterpatterfurryfeet

7. Sorry buddy, this box has my name on it.

Can I play?
Source: therealirishmum

8. Driver, I’m ready. Take me to the pawty!

Check out this cool new box my human's bought me...I had to take the shoes out of it before I could use it, but now its purfect!
Source: miss_raspberry_kittay

9. A box is a box is a box. No need for it to be square.

My little cray crate Miss Mittens
Source: victoriasroses67

10. If you need me in the next 6 hours, I’ll be in this here box.

I've finally found my perfect thinking place.
Source: mittieskitties

11. Purrfect fit, first time every time.

Source: sirterrenceofchurchill

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