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15 Things I Learned at the New York Cats of Instagram Meet-up

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Insta meet ups are so hot right now, and seeing as how cats rule Instagram, we were due for a meeting of the meows. Last week, on an idyllic summer Thursday in New York City, I found myself hanging out with a remarkable group of hash-tagging, photo-taking cat lovers. I wondered, how did all of us get a weekday off, but more importantly, why haven’t we done this sooner? Believe it or not, cat people like to get out of the house and socialize. Here’s what I learned during my very first cat meetup.

1. It’s not just for the ladies

Despite popular belief, guys love cats too – and some of them are damn cute.

Francois (ajathebengal), Me (meowbox) & Andrew (iamthegreatwent)
Francois (ajathebengal), Me (meowbox) & Andrew (iamthegreatwent)

2. There are some legitimately crazy cat people out there

Every group of people is bound to have a few crazies in the bunch. That definitely applies to cat people but, for the most part, cat lovers are “normal” just like you and I.

Angie (_porkchopthecat_), Eden (heresfancynfriends), Tina (tinaf78), Pete (impeccable_blah) & Rachael (seamus_n_angus)
Angie (porkchopthecat), Eden (heresfancynfriends), Tina (tinaf78), Pete (impeccable_blah) & Rachael (seamus_n_angus)

3. New Yorkers are damn friendly

Ignore the rumour that New Yorkers aren’t friendly. They’re fabulous! The New York Cat meet showcased endless hugs, hand shakes, exchanged numbers, smiles, and tons of laughs.

Micol (theworrycat), Catie (life_of_ziggy), Rocio (anabelleleethecat) & Heather (meow_york_kitties)
Micol (theworrycat), Catie (life_of_ziggy), Rocio (anabelleleethecat) & Heather (meow_york_kitties)

4. Cat people know how to tip

I kid you not, the event’s bartender stated that we were a wonderful bunch who tipped well, and he would rather serve us than a bunch of suits, any day.

5. Your friends just won’t get it

Try explaining to your friends that you’re going to a cat exhibit to meet cat people who only know you by your cat’s Instagram account.

6. There better be WiFi

Any Instagram enthusiast can attest that a party isn’t a party without a robust WiFi connection.

7. Flat Cats are a thing

Cat can’t make it? Bring your flat cat! Just look up #flatcat on Instagram.

8. The cat world is oozing with drama

Just like in real life, there is no shortage of drama in the cat world. Cat people are full of passion and are not shy to share their opinions.

9. Every city needs to do an Instagram meet-up

What started as a casual get-together with friends, ended up as a full day event inviting any New York cat-lover on Instagram to join the festivities. People came from near and far, by car and plane, bus and train. It’s evident that this community craves to connect.

Emma (vinny_the_tooth), Jennifer (chloe.and.cleo.cats), Kay (yanksgal23), Jennifer (sophie_the_model), & Tina (tinaf78)
Emma (vinny_the_tooth), Jennifer (chloe.and.cleo.cats), Kay (yanksgal23), Jennifer (sophie_the_model), & Tina (tinaf78)

10. So. Much. Apple

iPhone 4, 5, 6, a, b, c, plus plus plus run rampant. I even spied an elusive golden Apple Watch. One could have mistaken us for an Apple-lovers meetup.

11. Everyone’s name starts with @

It doesn’t matter what your human name is. What’s you Instagram account name?

12. My cats need their own swag collection

All the cool cats came with an assortment of swag like stickers, buttons, postcards, toys, and tee shirts.

13. There’s no shame in being on your phone

Amongst fellow Instagrammers, there is no shame in being on your phone to check the number of new follows and likes on your latest post.

14. Cats of Instagram is a legit family

This warm bunch of feline fans will make you feel like you’re right at home. They stand up for each other and welcome newcomers with open arms.

Angie (_porkchopthecat_), Me (meowbox), Me (meowbox) & Rachael (seamus_n_angus)
Angie (porkchopthecat), Me (meowbox), Rachael (seamus_n_angus) & Tina (tinaf78)

15. We NEED to do that again. And again.

I have a feeling this will be the first of many Cats of Instagram get-togethers. Who knew a cat meet up could be so much fun? Furriends, I’ll see you at the next one!

Marissa (estebancat), Annette (roswell_the_cat), Emil (pugsleykitty), Tim (roswell_the_cat), Pete (impeccable_blah), Tina (tinaf78), Karen (sunglasscat), Francois (ajathebengal), Me (zacandharvey), Tamar (ihavecat), Julie (the_3misfits) & Amy (lannisterthecat)

Big thanks to Eden (heresfancynfriends) for starting this whole thing, Erin (chunkfonz) for coordinating the event, Tamar (ihavecat) for being our NYC tour guide, Rachael (seamus_n_angus) for making our flat cats, Tina (tinaf78) for many of these photos, and Andrew (iamthegreatwent) for the Periscope interview.

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