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Mouse-Flavored Cat Food: Would it Make Sense?

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Nothing excites a cat quite like spotting a mouse – one of the many disagreements you may find yourself having with your feline companion. Mice are just the right size to make your kitty feel like a ferocious predator, an invincible conqueror who owns the world. The squeaking and the scurrying ignite a deeply ingrained instinct that launches your kitty into action. The poor little critters don’t stand a chance.

This deep, undying love for mice begs the question: why is there no mouse flavoured cat food?

Ohoho he's not looking! Time to steal some food.
Source: pachi.and.andy

Well, the obvious reason is this: Ew. As your cat’s primary food supplier (aka servant) it might not appeal to you to buy mouse flavoured products. Cat food is generally unappetizing anyway (another point of disagreement between you) and adding mice to the label may just activate your gag reflex. Another plausible reason is that it’s probably easier to feed cats the same kind of meat as humans. Creating a whole new mice consumption industry would take time and effort – and really, people avoid spending time and effort whenever possible.

And would they appreciate it? Do they really prefer the taste of mice to, say, chicken? It’s likely that the thrill of the chase and euphoria of the kill are the primary motivators in the cat/mouse dynamic. Sometimes it seems like they prefer to play with the little guys rather than make a meal out of them. Mice are also more accessible than chickens - in most households anyway (except for yours, I’m sure yours is mouse-free). So really, it’s anybody’s guess whether a cat’s refined palate actually prefers the taste of mice over their regular fare.

In an alternate universe perhaps it’s someone’s job to round up all the mice in all the basements of the world and feed them to hungry and waiting cats. In this world, it’s just impractical - and they may not appreciate the effort. Ok scratch that – they WOULDN’T appreciate the effort. At meowbox we’re pretty sure we’ve got your cat’s number in terms of taste – something we hope the two of you can actually agree on. We like keeping it simple, selecting treats that are often single ingredient, natural and homemade. And no, the single ingredient is never, ever, mice.

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