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What Your Bored Cat is Trying to Tell You

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Homes are full of stuff: stuff to sit on, to clean with, to wear, to look at…the list goes on. We, as humans, appreciate the function and utility of each item we choose to put in our homes; however, the art of homemaking is often lost on our feline housemates. To them, every household object has been selected with their entertainment, grooming or personal satisfaction in mind. Your home is a treasure trove of things to chew, play, and experiment with. As the saying goes, it’s a cat’s world, you just live in it. Here are some of the ways a bored cat will show you just how true that is.

The toilet paper war

Toilet paper serves a specific function. It’s not a glamorous job but it’s an important one. However, to a bored cat it’s a goldmine of possibility and a guaranteed good time. The satisfying way it spins with every paw stroke, how it breaks apart with the swipe of a claw, its ability to transform a bathroom into a fluffy white oasis…pure heaven. And there always seems to be so much to play with. It’s hard to grasp how tightly coiled a roll of toilet paper really is until it’s torn up into a million downy shreds.

Couch vs Claw

This is a lopsided battle if there ever was one. One opponent possesses sharp claws and the ability to wield them while the other’s defenses include soft cushions covered by thin fabric. No one ever said cats played fair. Unfortunately, couches and their single cushioned counterparts tend to fall in the “must have” category of home furnishings. Too bad they also double as the most appealing scratching posts a kitty could ask for. They know you don’t like it but they also know you can’t be home ALL day. There’s just no way you can win this one.

What will happen if …?

It’s said that curiosity killed the cat, but more often than not curiosity kills your breakables. Paws like to explore their surroundings, testing objects they come across for structural integrity and ease of movement. And wouldn’t you know it, some things move quite nicely and tend to lose their shape when knocked to the floor. What a cool experiment! Hmmmm, I wonder if that smaller, more delicate looking thing will react the same way? There’s only one way to find out…!

You weren’t eating that were you?

Cat food can be soooooo boring sometimes. People food, on the other hand, looks and smells so exotic. Surely you don’t want that WHOLE slice of ham, right? I’ll just feel it – maybe lick it – and then put it right back. Promise.

What’s in there?

Cats are pretty smart – they keep a watchful eye on what’s going on in their kingdom. And some things, they’ve noticed, can be opened and closed at will. What a cat lacks in opposable thumbs she makes up for in sheer willpower and time to kill. She saw you take something shiny and bright out of that drawer and damnit if she’s going to sit back and let you have all the fun. May your lingerie rest in peace.

Life’s a chew toy

Sometimes you just gotta chew on things, ya know? Luckily your home is full of fun things to satisfy your kitty’s oral cravings, like boxes and table edges and legal documents. The more valuable the better – that’s how cats roll.

A bored cat certainly doesn’t lack imagination – everything has the potential to entertain. The solution, of course, is to fill your home with things that will divert your cat’s attention away from your valuable belongings. Like cat toys. The right toy is the perfect weapon in the battle of wits between you and your cat. Rather than realizing the toy was planted there for her enjoyment, she’ll assume SHE picked it out of a lineup of less desirable “toys”. It’s both simple and brilliant. meowbox is the perfect antidote to bored cat syndrome, keeping kitty happily occupied with monthly shipments of treats, toys and goodies.

You can now go to work without cursing yourself for leaving your home exposed to destructive curiosity of a bored cat.

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