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Our Top 7 Cat Toe Bean Photos of Last Week

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No, toe beans aren’t for eating, although some days they look totally yummy and edible. Here are our favorite kitty toe bean pics from last week.

1. Naked beans

Ever wonder what naked #toebeans look like?! 🐾 Feast your eyes & bow to my greatness
Source: cairosphynx, Instagram

2. Fuzzy beans

meowboxtoebeans with a bonus pink nose too!
Source: debhaller, Instagram

3. Sleeping beans

Nemo's perfect little pink jellybean toes :)
Source: hissycatkrissy, Instagram

4. Black beans

This kitten
Source: msjo4, Instagram

5. Ginger beans

Hump day was tough
Source: mrsdoublegee, Instagram

6. Multi colored beans.

Cutest kitty paws in the world
Source: amandadugdale, Instagram

7. Shiny kidney beans

CheekySqueaky the foster kitten and her beautiful
Source: hissycatkrissy, Instagram

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