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Our Favorite Cat Videos

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Here at meowbox we have two cats that frequent the office (@zacandharvey) so our days can feel like we’re living in our own cat video. If we could just get their crazy antics on camera we know they’d be internet sensations but until we resort to filming the boys 24/7 we get our fix from Youtube. And boy are there are some great videos out there. We’ve rounded up our 5 favorites right now that are definitely worth a watch!

1. Aaron’s Animals: The Ultimate Viral Cat Video

It doesn’t get better than a cat video made BY a cat. Aaron of Aaron’s Animals has a hilarious Youtube channel and is super talented at special effects so his cat, Prince Michael, can get up to a ton of outrageous shenanigans.

2. Surprised Kitten

I’m not surprised this video has almost 77 million views, it’s definitely the most watched video on my Youtube account. It’s quite short so if you’re anything like me you’ll want to watch it on loop or whip it out for an instant day-brightener.

3. Thug Life (Gato Malo)

For anyone with a cat this video is likely very real for you. But in my opinion there’s not much that is funnier than cats being jerks so watch away.

4. Dear Kitten

A seasoned house cat giving life lessons to the household’s new kitten? Priceless. My favourite part: “look out for the monster known as Vakoom, it can eat everything; to hide from Vakoom you can use the invisible curtains”.

5. Henri 2, Paw de Deux

This glorious French film is the perfect mix of sophisticated and hilarious. This is just part 2 of the Henri Le Chat Noir series but I recommend watching them all. In need of a cheer up after the melancholy Henri? See number 2.

If you don’t see your favorite cat video on this list check out our last top 5 here and let us know what you think on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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